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top 10 upright pianos

Posted By: miha

top 10 upright pianos - 12/07/07 06:19 PM

hello everyone
How will look like rating list of 10 the best upright pianos.
Is it there YAMAHA U3?
Posted By: David Jenson

Re: top 10 upright pianos - 12/08/07 12:55 PM

Everyone's list would be different.

Yamaha's U1s and U3s would appear on some lists. The U3's I've seen are good instruments.

Posted By: Supply

Re: top 10 upright pianos - 12/09/07 04:29 AM

This topic was very recently discussed on the Piano Forum. I was about to chime in, when I read people gushing about their 1970s Baldwin Hamitons and 1980s P22s.

A moot topic, really....

Yes, I know I am guilty of perpetuating this thread by posting, I just wanted people to know that this has been discussed very recently and that they can find the "Definitive Word" on the "World's Best Pianos" there...
If all else fails, use the Search function to find it...
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