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Foster Grand on the Atlantic Ocean

Posted By: JIMBOB

Foster Grand on the Atlantic Ocean - 06/23/05 01:18 AM

This is an old Foster Grand made in Rochester NY. In December 2003 I installed a full Dampp Chaser system in it. The house is a post and beam with a full wall of glass looking out onto the beach and about 100 yards to the waters edge.
The piano sits up in a balcony and the view is incredible. Anyhow- the piano was 13 cents flat back in Dec of 2003 and today was just under 3 cents sharp. Nothing wild at all and the bass was rock solid and right on the money with the Accutuner FAC tuning. I believe the Dampp Chaser has done its job well and kept the piano very stable. There was rust on the strings prior to its being moved- I saw it in its old home. Today I did not see any evidence of new rust . It is too bad the previous owner did not have a DC system in it after it was rebuilt because there probably would not be any rust in it at all. I should also mention that the house does have a state of the art whole house temp and r/h system as well as window films and shades with honeycomb cores. The R/H range in the time I was there was between 44 and 47 %. Contrast this to readings I get in many homes with AC and r/h readings in the mid to high 50's.
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