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Posted By: Alberto Salazar Decal soundboard Steinway Mod. D-274 - 09/22/20 07:32 PM
Hello friends, I write from Cartagena, Colombia. I have a Steinway that will undergo a restoration and I want to put the decal with the Steinway awards on its soundboard, could you help me by telling me where to buy it or how to do it from a diagram ???
Acquiring it in Steinway is impossible !!!
Thank you!!
Posted By: WBLynch Re: Decal soundboard Steinway Mod. D-274 - 09/23/20 04:32 PM
I am also wondering where to source Steinway & Sons decals. I need the fallboard decal for 1915-1925 era. Schaff and other typical places don't seem to have them.
This has been covered extensively here. Also see a pianoworld search on the subject.
Posted By: GC13 Re: Decal soundboard Steinway Mod. D-274 - 09/23/20 04:59 PM
Unfortunately, Steinway will also no longer allow decals to be sold by anyone else. In order to get the decals, you have to have your instrument restored by one of the Steinway facilities -- in New York or Hamburg. You might find a restorer who has some decals in his personal stock.

We have had long discussions about this here on PW in the past. This is just one of several threads in the past couple of years since Steinway announced that they would no longer license the use of their trademarks to 3rd parties. Back to Steinway decals
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