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Posted By: DMPTT Frozen ProTek - 11/12/19 10:43 PM
I need to order ProTek CLP but now that winter has arrived I assume it will freeze in shipping. Has anyone had experience in using ProTek CLP that has been frozen? Thanks!
Posted By: AaronSF Re: Frozen ProTek - 11/12/19 10:57 PM
ProTek CLP freezes? The formula is proprietary, but I assume it's some combination of silicone, a light-weight oil, and solvents. It feels ever-so-slightly oily and sort of silky. I could be totally wrong, but I think it would have to be well below 0 degrees Fahrenheit to freeze, if even. Plus it comes wrapped in a ribbed cardboard box, which offers some insulation.
Posted By: Chernobieff Piano Re: Frozen ProTek - 11/13/19 12:26 AM
Maybe you should ask the seller?
Posted By: David Boyce Re: Frozen ProTek - 11/13/19 05:17 PM
I don't think there's any silicone in Protek CLP. I'm not at home at the moment, or I could've put a bottle in the freezer to see what happens.....
Posted By: Frank Pinn Re: Frozen ProTek - 11/13/19 08:30 PM
According to the manufacturer freezing does not affect Protek products
Posted By: DMPTT Re: Frozen ProTek - 11/13/19 11:23 PM
Thanks to all for ideas, comments and information.
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