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Posted By: jinorden What grit for ivory for nonslippery feel? - 10/22/19 06:55 PM

I probably shouldn't ask as it's not difficult to just try on an old key but I'm interested in your opinions based on experience with players preferences.
I use 600 on ivory and plastic.
Seems to do the job ok.
Thanks! Doesn't leave lines? Would you start more coarse if tops thick enough? I had dropped fish glue after a bushing job on a dozen of keys and have to sand, doesn't go away otherwise.
600 leaves very fine lines and it’s the lines that provides the sensation of fingers being more stable on keys.
Finer grits will start polishing and lose that sensation.
I start with clean. No need for coarse to start imho
Got it, Will try tomorrow. Thanks for the tip!
I always use a good quality paper like 3m free cut gold and a brush to keep any build up nubs from happening. Sand straight in one direction only, no back and forth.
I also do the keys individually, out of the piano and use a sanding block
It helps keep the lines straight and nice looking and avoids the edges.
Try a sample first.
If you think 600 is too coarse, try 800.
You especially don’t want to create unsightly irregularities on a nice ivory set or plastic.
You don't need to sand unless you want them leveled due to age and a lot of wear from playing. I use to make a cleaner that would clean ivory and leave behind a perfect feel on ivory. Another similar idea would be to use rubbing alcohol. It cleans ivory real nice and leaves a nice feel. Spray conservatively on a microfiber cloth first.
Unnfortunately I have to sand to remove some glue stains.
Chris, can you give us a description of the cleaner you used? Is it something the average Joe can put together with household ingredients?
Sorry my proprietary formula is in the vault. I only make small batches when I need it. All those science and chemistry classes i took has returned some dividends over time , but marketing is a whole other story. Making a great product doesn't always translate into sales. Have you tried alcohol as I suggested? It works pretty nicely too.
Well, I just read and responded to this thread today while I am at work, so no, I have not had an opportunity to try your suggestion yet. But thank you for the tip.
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