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1968 Kawai

Posted By: kristinleighmusic

1968 Kawai - 04/21/19 11:36 PM

I'm a piano teacher looking at 1968 Kawai 42" console for a student. I've heard that these early Kawais sometimes don't hold a tune very well. Is that true from your experience at all? I thought I would ask the experts.

Here is a description from the seller on the maintenance done on the piano:

"If you are a player, the piano has a pretty amazingly deep tone for it’s size. It also has a heavier touch like a large upright or a studio grand. The piano was bought locally, and has been tuned regularly it’s entire life. The hammers, action parts, and action movement are in extremely good condition. The piano has been well-maintained over it’s life, but it is interesting that it has been played so lightly based on “hammer wear.” The serial number is 302081. The manufacture date is fall of 1968. Probably first sold in 1970-1971 (at that time, shipment from Japan was painfully slow - Yamaha and Kawai has been recently introduced to the USA, and Japanese products were “suspect” to many Americans.

Thanks for any help you can give!
Posted By: BDB

Re: 1968 Kawai - 04/22/19 12:04 AM

I tune 1960s Kawais that hold their tune well, but your situation may be different.
Posted By: kristinleighmusic

Re: 1968 Kawai - 04/22/19 12:22 AM

Thank you so much for your response! Would you recommend I have a technician I trust check it? Or is there really a way to tell if it will hold a tune well until it is sitting in your house and being played? This company offers a tuning and a year mechanical warranty but I just had some pause because someone that I love and trust and have known that sells a lot of pianos was a little hesitant, but he suggested I post and ask you all.
Posted By: P W Grey

Re: 1968 Kawai - 04/22/19 03:10 AM

If you live in a super dry climate you would be wise to have the tech pay close attention to the pinblock. A 50 yr old Kawai...I would be a little hesitant.

Posted By: Rich Galassini

Re: 1968 Kawai - 04/28/19 05:01 PM

Hi Kristenleigh,

Kawai grands at that time had thinner pin blocks than they do today. I do NOT know if this corresponds to their consoles, and I have come across Kawai consoles of that age that hold a tuning, so I am not necessarily writing this piano off, but you should be aware of this.

Additionally, a 50 year old action, keyset, strings, etc. are not going to perform like a newer piano.

My 2 cents,
Posted By: Ed Sutton

Re: 1968 Kawai - 04/28/19 10:08 PM

The comment about heavier touch is worrisome.
In my community's common house there is a 42" Kawai console of similar vintage.
There is little wear and tear on the action because for 50 years it has rarely been played.
People who try all complain that it's "just too hard to play," and my touchweight measurements confirm what my hands feel.
I cleaned and lubed the keys and action, and it made no difference.
Try playing a series of full chords, three notes together in the right hand, and see how it feels after 16 measures, and imagine what it will be like for a child to play.
Some pianos just don't invite, they repel.
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