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Posted By: lingus Kawai GL-10 action removal - 01/09/19 03:05 PM
Hi guys, can anyone tell me if there is a secret step to pulling the action on a GL 10 that I am missing? I can't seem to find any hidden screws or latches, yet this thing is stuck inside the piano as if it is glued and bolted down!
Posted By: David Boyce Re: Kawai GL-10 action removal - 01/09/19 03:58 PM
Does it move to the side OK with the Una Corda pedal? If not, maybe it IS stuck down!
Posted By: lingus Re: Kawai GL-10 action removal - 01/09/19 04:12 PM
It does!
It really feels like this action just has an extra step for removal that I am missing. There is nothing in the cheek block area, nothing between the action Rail and the bottom of the pin block, I'm a little stumped!
Posted By: P W Grey Re: Kawai GL-10 action removal - 01/09/19 04:52 PM
Check pedal lyre screws protruding through keybed.

Or, is there any crunching sound when pressing the UC pedal? If so it could be jam packed with pet food kibbles brought in by mice. I have seen this several times.

Also, pull hard on the action WHILE pumping the UC pedal.

Posted By: MarkL Re: Kawai GL-10 action removal - 01/09/19 05:46 PM
I'm pretty sure the tech took off the two huge wing nuts on the bottom of the piano under the cheek blocks when he tuned mine.I could be wrong...
Posted By: BDB Re: Kawai GL-10 action removal - 01/09/19 07:04 PM
I had an action where something was wedged under the keyframe and held it locked against the keybed. I could see what was lodged there by lifting the front of the keyframe, but I never did get the action out. It was not a good piano, so I did not try very hard.
Posted By: Bob Re: Kawai GL-10 action removal - 01/11/19 02:53 AM
Check for leg bolts and lyre bolts that are too long. They could prevent action removal.
Posted By: KawaiDon Re: Kawai GL-10 action removal - 01/13/19 03:16 AM
Lift the fallboard off.
Unscrew the wing bolts from underneath, lift the cheekblocks out.
Lift the keyslip up and off.
Then pull on the action - preferable from the hammer rail, which is designed to serve as a way to pull.

If the action will not come out, then someone may have installed a long bolt in the front legs. The bolts can extend up and jam the action. You can safely loosen one bolt at a time (19mm socket wrench) and test if that is the problem.
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