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Schimmel upright regulation

Posted By: pianovoce

Schimmel upright regulation - 05/09/15 04:12 AM

During my recent move, I apparently lost the box containing my PTG Journals, Action Handbook, and (naturally) my Schimmel service manual. Thankfully, the tools made it! *phew*

Can anyone with a copy of the service manual or the Piano Action Handbook please look up the regulation specs for a 2012 Schimmel 130T?

These are the notes I have, but I'm not sure which source they're from:

Key Dip: 9.9-10.3mm
Aftertouch: 1.5-2.0mm
Blow Distance: 43-46mm
Letoff: 2.0-2.5mm (treble), 2.5-3.0mm (tenor), 3.5-4.0mm (bass)

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help me have some fun this weekend!
Posted By: musicbased

Re: Schimmel upright regulation - 05/09/15 08:38 AM

Start with 10mm dip and work from there. Let the piano tell you what it needs!
Posted By: pianovoce

Re: Schimmel upright regulation - 05/09/15 04:26 PM

*nod* It's a hair deeper than that now. Perhaps all that New Orleans humidity has left the front rail punchings! The action support bolt on the treble end must of wiggled itself loose during shipment (among other things), too, as it's not contacting the action bracket. Hopefully no warping occurred.
Posted By: David Boyce

Re: Schimmel upright regulation - 05/09/15 04:54 PM

Let the piano tell you what it needs!

Such a good concept.
Posted By: markmilo

Re: Schimmel upright regulation - 07/01/15 03:33 PM

Hi - I have PTG journals from about 2003-2010, I think. Interested? You can email me at mickeykes@hotmail.com
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