1915 Weber

Posted by: Davepost

1915 Weber - 07/09/13 06:41 PM

I am getting a 5 ft. + Weber grand. Sight unseen. Still plays and holds tune. 1915. Anyone have a quality judgement having worked on them. Were they top tier back then? I know Ignace J. Paderewski promoted Weber.
Posted by: Ed McMorrow, RPT

Re: 1915 Weber - 07/10/13 12:20 AM

If this the Weber model that was turned into a player grand thru-out much of the late teens and 1920's-in good condition and well regulated-they sounded quite good for the size. A well scaled 5' grand overall. The stock wound specs can be improved on by someone who understands string scaling.

The original construction quality was very good.