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La Petite Action

Posted By: kurtg

La Petite Action - 04/09/13 07:56 PM

I need to replace a hammer shank in a Kimball La Petite. I see this piano is not well respected in the technician community. Just the same I'm wondering if anyone knows what shank to get or what kind of action is in the La Petite. I made a rough outline of the shank, hammer and flange on paper, but it is not real accurate and looking at the schaff catalog isn't helping me know what to order. Should I get something generic and make it work? Maybe there is a better way to look at this repair. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Posted By: BDB

Re: La Petite Action - 04/09/13 08:49 PM

The important dimensions for any grand shank are center pin to flange screw center, drop screw center, and knuckle center. If those are correct, you can make it fit.

If the flange is not broken, you can reuse it and just change the shank.
Posted By: kpembrook

Re: La Petite Action - 04/09/13 09:08 PM

It's a real goofball action. Schaff isn't going to carry the part. Nor is anyone else, either. I might have a couple of units left in my parts inventory. You can PM me if you are interested.
Posted By: Del

Re: La Petite Action - 04/09/13 10:06 PM

If Keith doesn't have any, I do. I've most of a "new" action (including keyframe and keys) back there someplace.

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