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9 year old prodigy

Posted By: Bob

9 year old prodigy - 04/04/13 01:29 PM

Check out this future "immortal" pianist

Posted By: Emmery

Re: 9 year old prodigy - 04/04/13 02:39 PM

Darn, I get in a confused state when I see these little kids pound off a peice I find myself struggling with just to sound good. She did a fantastic job, especially considering that she has relatively small hands for some of the far spreading notes to be reached on this.
Posted By: Dave B

Re: 9 year old prodigy - 04/05/13 03:49 AM

I run into amazing kids everyday. Yesterday it was an 7yr old violinist with great sound, great intonation, and joyous expression. She told me. "I have breakfast first. Then I practice for three hours." According to her mom, she spends the rest of her day running around and reading comic books.
Posted By: Silverwood Pianos

Re: 9 year old prodigy - 04/05/13 01:16 PM

She is very good. Thanks for posting the link Bob.
Posted By: Nash. Piano Rescue

Re: 9 year old prodigy - 04/05/13 05:05 PM

We have some US army clients that went to a mall somewhere and some piano biz had a Kawai grand set up . Well their 10 year old daughter walks up, sits down and just starts playing some complex piece. Her parents were stunned because there was no piano at home, she said she " plinks around" on the piano at her school. Her parents had absolutely no clue until that day that she had the skills. The piano dealership folks were equally stunned as well. I am sure there are lots of kids with un-realized talents who perhaps just need the right moment.
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