Jacobs Brother baby grand

Posted by: BenP

Jacobs Brother baby grand - 01/30/13 08:20 PM

Could anyone give me a manufacture year on a Jacobs Brothers baby grand P-46, serial number 323457?

I know, I just need to buy the Pierce Piano Atlas. I would do so in a heartbeat if they had an electronic version for my tablet or Kindle - I just am having a hard time forking over $30 for a book that is going to sit at home and collect dust and not be there when I need it. Anyone know of a digital version forthcoming?

BTW this piano is one that is being donated to the small private school where I teach. I'd welcome any other thoughts about it. A quick look-over the other day leads me to think I will probably replace the bass strings at the very least, but it's not in too bad of condition for its age.
Posted by: BenP

Re: Jacobs Brother baby grand - 02/01/13 10:53 AM

Posted by: Silverwood Pianos

Re: Jacobs Brother baby grand - 02/01/13 11:39 AM

Jacob Bros numbers stop in 1946 at 65k.

The atlas mentioned to see Mathushek numbers; 338000 starts 1952.

The previous entry is 1940 and five digit
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Re: Jacobs Brother baby grand - 02/01/13 04:58 PM

Ben, I would call in a piano technician to evaluate the instruments needs and to get it working properly for your school. They can hopefully also give your school an appraisal of the value of the donations.
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Re: Jacobs Brother baby grand - 02/01/13 08:40 PM

Thanks Dan - I appreciate all the info. Not sure what to think unless somehow I wrote the serial number down wrong. I do see if this information is correct (http://www.antiquepianoshop.com/online-museum/jacob-brothers/) that Jacobs Brothers manufactured pianos under several other brand names - and maybe vice versa? The owners seem to think the piano was manufactured in the 1930's. I should have asked the source of their info.

Jurgen, I know my lack of a key item like a piano atlas probably doesn't inspire confidence, but I do know what I'm doing with most piano repairs. I'll be replacing the bass strings myself and doing several tunings to get the piano stabilized. Unfortunately, it's not in the budget to get a full restoration, but I think it will be quite a decent-sounding piano after some basic work.
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Re: Jacobs Brother baby grand - 02/01/13 08:59 PM

Here on Piano World, people in the industry are asked to show this in their signature line, hence I assumed you were not a piano technician. That and the fact that you teach at school.