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Problem with tuning lever

Posted By: Didacus

Problem with tuning lever - 01/24/13 10:09 AM

Hi! First of all I have to apologize because my english is not very good.

I've purchased a Proffesional Jahn tuning hammer, is this:


As you can see, the shaft is removible. The problem is that now it's very tight and I can't remove it. I've had this problem several times, but finally I was able to remove it using pincers or squeeze (I'm not sure of the meaning of this words...) But now, I can't remove the shaft even using these tools.

Besides, although I could remove it, next time I use the tuning lever the same problem will appear.

Have you had this problem too, or can give me some piece of advice?

Thank you very much.
Posted By: Emmery

Re: Problem with tuning lever - 01/24/13 02:36 PM

It might just be a very tight fit or some dirt may have gotten around the shaft. I would suggest putting the head into a bench vice for solid support. Put a little bit of penetrating lubricant where the shaft and the collar meet. Heat the locking collar/handle area with a heat gun or hair dryer. When its hot, cool the shaft quickly with some ice cubes, or better yet, the liquid propellant from a can of dust off spray held upside down.


You can also take a piece of 2X4 lumber a foot long and cut a notch in the end about the width of the shaft. Use this with a hammer as a knock out bar while the head is held in a vice.
[Linked Image]
Posted By: Didacus

Re: Problem with tuning lever - 01/24/13 11:30 PM

Thank you very much. I'll try to do that. But I'm afraid I'll need to do that every time I want to remove the shaft... And I need to remove it as I have to use an L-form tip.

Thanks for your help and your drawing!
Posted By: rocket88

Re: Problem with tuning lever - 01/25/13 10:03 PM

Once you get it apart, this product, "Anti-Seize" can help keep this from happening again. Just use a tiny dab.

Posted By: Olek

Re: Problem with tuning lever - 01/25/13 10:22 PM

Just be sure you did not make a false thread , the thread is fine on those hammers.

It is good to turn the 2 parts anti clockwise before screwing them. This may allow you to feel where the thread begin.

With small threads it is possible to begin to tighten while not on the thread. Once dismounted, I suggest you use a magnifier to have a look at the thread.

Generally, the shaft is not removed, when one use those sort of lever, only the tuning tip is changed depending of the size of the pin. some longer tips can be used if necessary.

You may have a special wrench with a tuning pin shape to do so.

May be you can use a tuning pin in a vice as a wrench, but if you where talking of THAT thread, you need the proper tool.

Hope that helps

(my conclusion : the shaft is not intended for daily dismounting)

It is a somewhat tight fit, very sensitive to dirt
Posted By: Supply

Re: Problem with tuning lever - 01/26/13 03:53 AM

Normally, you only remove the tip to exchange it for one of a different size.

Why do you remove the shaft? There is no reason I can see to remove the shaft unless you want to replace it with a longer or shorter one. In any event, once you have the shaft you want on the handle, it stays.

The thread on the shaft is for tool assembly, not for day to day tool use (or playing around).
Posted By: Jerry Groot RPT

Re: Problem with tuning lever - 01/26/13 04:35 AM

Sounds like you're giving yourself the, shaft......
Posted By: Supply

Re: Problem with tuning lever - 01/26/13 06:51 PM

Jerry, I REALLY hope you get well quickly so that you can get back to tuning 9 pianos a day and catch up on all your work. Methinks that idleness is not healthy for you (your mind)
Posted By: Jerry Groot RPT

Re: Problem with tuning lever - 01/26/13 07:29 PM

Won't be long Jurgen, won't be long! grin
Posted By: David Jenson

Re: Problem with tuning lever - 01/28/13 12:51 PM

Yea, why remove the shaft? Is something wrong with the fit?

Jurgen, I think the organ devoted to humor in that Groot fella has become slightly infected. The well known cure is to start tuning again.

Jerry, take up your tuning hammer and walk!
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