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Yamaha SG vs PianoDisc

Posted By: th0b0r0

Yamaha SG vs PianoDisc - 01/08/13 02:38 AM

Hey there,

after roaming the wide seas of piano dealers on the lookout for a new piano to help me sail the next years wink I've finally decided on buying a new Grotrian-Steinweg Concertino here in Germany.

As I'm living in a flat, however, I'm forced to buy a piano with silent technology.
Grotrian licenses the Yamaha SG Silent technology to put into their pianos at the factory and can't install them in pianos that have already been shipped.

Now while I'm getting an amazing deal for the Concertino with an added PianoDisc QuietTime MagicStar V4S (lower than a new Concertino w/o the Yamaha system), I'm seriously wondering, whether it would be better to save more money so that I can get a new Concertino with the builtin Yamaha silent system.

Regarding the silent system, I don't care much about the sound generation itself as I'll probably hook the system up to my computer anyway and (I believe) have better sounds than the builtin DSP provides. So my main interest here would be which of the two systems has the superior MIDI generation.

Furthermore, it'd be awesome to get these questions answered:
a) Which of the two systems has the least negative effect on the action, touch, ... of a piano? Are there any real differences? I'm told that while the Yamaha works more optically than the PianoDisc one, there isn't really that much difference in general!?
b) Grotrian claims on their homepage that the Yamaha system is fully reversible (or at least, that during installation/removal no statically or acoustically relevant parts of the piano are modified). Can this be said for the PianoDisc system, too?

Thank you for your answers in advance!

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