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Is there a latch at the bass end? I couldn't feel one, but it wouldn't budge. Could tune without removing it, but what's the secret?
I have worked on several of these and have never had a problem.
From what I recall while lifting the back with one hand rotate the
front till you feel it release.
Hope this works for you.
Some have a wing nut painted black at the bass end that you have to unscrew. The wing nut and attached rod support the soft close mechanism so the back of the fall board says put.
That's how I find them too, with a wing nut or with 2 Phillips heads screws. Undoing these, which can be a bit of a pain to get at sometimes should allow you to lift it out like you normally would, sliding it straight up.

They're a pain. I'll take the regular undamped free-fall design any day. Darn laywers. smile
When it's a recent model K series piano (K-3, 5, etc.), a magnetized phillip's head screwdriver makes one's life easier. I use a spring screw grabber to get the screws back through the bracket and into the holes when putting the thing back on. And have a magnet handy, too....

These fallboards are kind of a pain, but the older version with wing nuts holding the thing in place occasionally caused problems with cracking finish, and had motors that sometimes caused closure that was too fast or too slow.
Gosh, sounds like a pain... but thanks for the advice. It's the first time I've encountered one.
I recall I promised myself to have a saw with me for the next time wink but in the end that was not such abig trouble, only I am unsure how the thing will stand in years.

Hi Everyone
I just got the same problem with this post.
I tried to remove the fallboard of Kawai K3 and on the left side(bass section) cannot remove , I unscrew 2 screws already.
The black stell plate under screw didn't move also.But on the right side is working well can up and down...
So I didn't remove the fallboard yet.

ps.This piano is around 5 years old
I never see this problem with any pianos that I met before,just see this for the first time.

Can you guys help me to solve this issue please?

Thank you so much
(sorry for my poor English)
Pretty sure it's just the screw(s) or possibly a wing nut going down through a black metal bracket at the back left of the fallboard assembly. I've never seen anything else on a k3
Maybe KawaiDon will chime in on this?

I think just only 2 screws too.
But the black metal is so tight...maybe from humidity or black paint surface?

I have k300 also,but didn't have this problem.
I know. Any time I see instructions that say, "Hold the piano above your head with one hand and shake gently, until the black screw falls onto your magnetic screwdriver," I close the book and say, "Call the tech."
There are a few types of different fallboard support brackets for these pianos that holds the fallboard in place when the fallboard is closing. The brackets either have a single wing nut, or 2 small screws.

If it has the 2 small black screws, once the screws are removed the fallboard lifts out. However they tend to get sticky if not removed in a long time, so it seems like something else is holding it place. When that happens you have to grab the rear part of the fallboard firmly very close to where the screw bracket is and give it a firm quick pull straight upward. It will come loose with a good jerk.

The design has been changed quite a bit to make this easier in the new models.
Thank you so much guys.
I'll looking for it.
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