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KORG AT-12 User Manual

Posted By: Ron Voy

KORG AT-12 User Manual - 04/09/11 07:38 AM

I've inherited a KORG AT-12, but I don't have the manual for it...I can guess how to use it in principle, but I'm not sure how to use some of its other functions (Fast/Slow, Calibration etc) I've tried to find the manual on the net but without any luck, does anyone have a manual for a similar model they could upload or link to or mail to me? Thanks in advance!
Posted By: RPD

Re: KORG AT-12 User Manual - 04/09/11 02:01 PM

If memory serves the Korg AT12 retails around 30 dollars? In any case, from your other post it sounds like you're learning to tune.

My advice is to throw the AT12 away....unless you're tuning your guitar, it won't be of any use in your efforts at all...in fact, you will waste an enormous amount of time trying to use something like that to tune or check your work with.

I'd heartily suggest downloading the trial (free) version of Tune Lab...and then licensing it when you learn about the program...it'll rock your world and provide something useful in your efforts.

Hope this is helpful...


Posted By: Les Koltvedt

Re: KORG AT-12 User Manual - 04/09/11 02:10 PM

yea like RPD said... worth the effort times 10

trade the korg to a guitar player for a few plectrum
Posted By: Ron Voy

Re: KORG AT-12 User Manual - 04/10/11 05:25 AM

OK thanks. I didn't really want to use it for tuning pianos, it just bothers me that I have this equipment which I don't fully know how to use.
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