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East Coast Piano Lawyer's Letter

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East Coast Piano Lawyer's Letter - 06/04/04 06:50 PM

I am the attorney for East Coast Piano and there are a number of posts on your forum site that are defamatory to the business reputation of my client.

Please remove these posts immediately to avoid legal action against your company and those who posted the defamatory remarks. East Coast is often the victim of

Tactics of competitors who wish to advance their business by defaming East Coast. While your forum pages provide useful information to potential consumers on a number of topics, the

Posts pertaining to East Coast go beyond information and attack not only the business but the character of the owners.

Please reply to acknowledge receipt and the actions you will take in response. The posts are on the Piano Forum on May 15-16.

Andrew M. Wubbenhorst

Johnson, Murphy, Hubner, McKeon, Wubbenhorst & Appelt, P.C.

51 Route 23 South, P.O. Box 70

Riverdale, NJ 07457


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Re: East Coast Piano Lawyer's Letter - 06/04/04 06:52 PM

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