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Biasco Piano Lawyer's Letter

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Biasco Piano Lawyer's Letter - 06/04/04 07:24 PM

Thomas E. Patterson
33 N LaSalle
Suite 3350
Chicago, Illinois 60602

June 3, 2004

Via Facsimile
Piano World
38 Parky Drive
Enfield, Ct 06082
(860) 741-2625

To whom it may concern:

I understand that you have posted a press release and a permanent injunction order sent to
you by competitors of Biasco Piano. Yesterday, Biasco moved to rescind the order
entered on May 27, 2004 because, among other reasons, it was fraudulently induced.
Today, Biasco's motion was granted and the order that you have posted on your web site
was rescinded. Rescission means that it is not in force.

Therefore, please remove the press release and the invalid permanent injuction order from your web site immediately.

We do expect to enter into an agreeable order later this month. But it
will be different order and will be adhered to by everyone involved in the case, not just
Biasco. If you need a copy of the order or rescission, as signed by Judge Wheateon today,
please notify me. I would appreciate your response to this email notifying me that the
invalid order and comments related to it have been removed from your web site.

Very truly yours,

Thomas E. Patterson
Posted By: Piano World

Re: Biasco Piano Lawyer's Letter - 06/04/04 07:30 PM

The above post is for informational purposes only.

It should be noted that Piano World does not itself "post" for other people. The posts are placed by the posters themselves.
We do not have prior knowledge of the posts content, nor are the forums moderated.

The forums are self-policing, that is, the members themselves keep an eye out for any questionable posts.

This topic is CLOSED, you cannot reply to it.
If you feel the need to respond, please start a new post and stick to FACTS.

Note, I decided to pull the Biasco post because their lawyer asked politely and made no threats.
This does not mean I agree or disagree with anything in the posts (I haven't had time to read them).

There may well have been facts in the post that would be helpful to our members/visitors.

Keep that in mind when you make any posts that might be construed as negative. Stick To The FACTS!
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