Need legal assistance with piano mover

Posted by: tklgw

Need legal assistance with piano mover - 09/03/08 05:17 PM

I am in need of legal guidance or assistance with reimbursement for shipping damages. In addition to paying for non-existent insurance my piano incurred major damage which the moving company refuses to speak to me about. Its a horror story. What is unbelievable to me is that everything is documented and the shipping damage is not disputable and I still feel helpless in recovering either the repair cost or the premium I paid for insurance which was never underwritten.

If anyone has advice or can offer legal assistance I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks you for your help

Posted by: Horwinkle

Re: Need legal assistance with piano mover - 10/13/08 08:01 PM

Sorry for the late reply. I'd check with your state or local consumer affairs bureau. Also check the local state attorney's office.

What was that "non-existent insurance"?