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Piano Piano Lawyer's Letter

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Piano Piano Lawyer's Letter - 06/04/04 06:59 PM

September 5, 2003

Frank Baxter


Ph: 860-741-2625
Fax: 860-741-2625


Dear Mr. Baxter,

This letter is being written to demand immediate removal of the
entire body of the “Piano Piano ­No Refund Policy” posting, including
any and all threads, responses, archives thereof and references
thereto, from the Piano World website.

*** has slandered Piano Piano (the “Company”) through false
statements and omissions of fact not only placed on your website but
as expressed to others. We now have incontrovertible proof thereof
in the form of witnesses, documentation and recorded telephone
conversations. These libelous statements and omissions, as well as
the reaction of forum members thereto, have caused grievous,
quantifiable damage to the Company and to Mr. Gerard F. Binder,
personally. The continuation of these afore referenced postings as
well as the publication of any future postings will cause additional
quantifiable damage.

You and Piano World, as publishers of these libelous statements, are
equally responsible as the authors of said statements for the damage
such statements are causing the Company and Mr. Binder, as well as
for any damage any future postings may cause Mr. Binder and the
Company. Accordingly, failure by you to act immediately in removing
the “Piano Piano ­No Refund Policy” posting, including any and all
threads, responses, archives thereof and references thereto, from the
Piano World website, will cause us to take such appropriate action as
we deem necessary to protect the Company’s and Mr. Binder’s interests
and recover their losses.

Mr. Binder and I welcome your call to ascertain the specifics of the
liable and slander perpetrated by *** and our proof thereof. We can
be reached at 212-581-8410 or at 917-609-0463.

Thank you for your time and immediate attention to this matter.


Gennifer Silverstein

Attorney at Law
Posted By: Piano World

Re: Piano Piano Lawyer's Letter - 06/04/04 07:03 PM

The above post is for informational purposes only.
I have removed the members screen name because it is irrelevant to the point of the letter.

This letter serves two purposes.
It is an example of the need to be careful in what you post, and is another example of how we can sometimes find ourselves threatened by legal action.

It should be noted that Piano World is not responsible for posts on this public forum because we have no prior knowledge of the posts.

However, once we are notified of a specific post, we must make a decision whether to let it stand and be prepared to defend ourselves, ignore it, or to remove and/or edit the post.

This is a CLOSED topic.
If you feel the need to respond or comment you will need to start a new post. Remember to stick to the FACTS lest you find yourself in an awkward position.
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