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Tiersen- Porz Gorten

Posted By: Peyton

Tiersen- Porz Gorten - 03/23/19 05:40 PM

I've been waiting for something new from Yann Tiersen to catch my fancy and this one did. It's from his latest album Ursa. It's a pretty simple piece but has a real nice feel.

Posted By: LarryK

Re: Tiersen- Porz Gorten - 03/23/19 08:23 PM

Nice! I love the sense of melancholy in his music.

I'm going to see him in May at the Beacon Theatre in New York City. I have no idea what his live concerts are like, I'm about to find out.
Posted By: Terry Michael

Re: Tiersen- Porz Gorten - 03/23/19 08:55 PM

Loved it. I’ll have to look for more of his compositions. Thanks for sharing.
Posted By: Peyton

Re: Tiersen- Porz Gorten - 03/24/19 11:48 AM


I did see that he will be playing the Beacon this May. If you have a chance post a note and let us know how it was. I've watched/listened to him play on youtube and he seems to be an excellent pianist.

Terry, he has a number of beautiful compositions. Check out Le Matin, Mothers Journey and Le Comptine de Autre.
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