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Abschied vom Klavier

Posted By: Radian

Abschied vom Klavier - 06/28/13 10:19 PM

This is the first song I posted on Youtube after buying my Casio PX150 about half a year ago. This isn't the Casio sound... it's recorded through Ivory.
I started taking piano lessons when I was 8yrs old in Holland, until I was 15 or so. But didn't really touch the piano until now, and I'm 35! So I'm just getting back into it, and it's so wonderful to be making music again. Progress is slow, but it's OK. I keep playing and practicing and enjoying smile

Really love this piece by Beethoven. There's a couple flubs in there, including a hesitation and not on tempo. Looking forward to your feedback! I'm just glad to be playing again.

Abschied vom Klavier - Youtube
Posted By: Goof

Re: Abschied vom Klavier - 06/29/13 01:28 PM

Excellent, I wonder how it sounds without the ivory?
Posted By: Radian

Re: Abschied vom Klavier - 07/01/13 04:01 PM

Thanks Goof! I definitely prefer the ivory piano. My new favorite preset is the `Expressive Concert D 10`. The default Casio sound is OK, but Ivory to me is richer, more dynamic and full.

Also, I've tried recording from the Casio before, but didn't have much luck. Low volume, not very clear etc. Whereas recording via Ivory is clear as a bell smile. Of course if I would have sprung for the PX350, I could've recorded directly to USB and it wouldn't have been an issue.
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