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Student's Composition

Posted By: Ragip

Student's Composition - 12/23/12 11:57 AM

Hello ,

I would like to share with you this piece my student made , he's been playing for about a few months. Any comments are appreciated !

Posted By: peterws

Re: Student's Composition - 12/26/12 04:23 PM

You`d be better putting it on youtube . . . mediafire can be a slow slow download.. .
Posted By: Derulux

Re: Student's Composition - 12/26/12 07:47 PM

I am also not a huge fan of downloading anything from people I don't know. wink
Posted By: ChopinAddict

Re: Student's Composition - 12/27/12 04:47 AM

Originally Posted by peterws
You`d be better putting it on youtube . . .

Or BoxNet... smile
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