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Lu Xiao Yu (Rain) - Secret OST (Piano Cover)

Posted By: Darkreach

Lu Xiao Yu (Rain) - Secret OST (Piano Cover) - 10/14/12 02:11 AM

Lu Xiao Yu (Rain) - Secret OST (Piano Cover)


I haven't put any vid lately so why not!? Anyways this song was composed by a Talented musician Jay Chou. This song is from the film Secret which is directed by Jay Chou as well. Pretty good movie..watched it a couple of times already (y)

P.s. I didn't put enough emotions to this song because I haven't posted a vid for so long so I kind of rushed it and their is some mistakes here especially with the left hand. I be posting a better recording of this song and the other songs I did a cover of in the near future. smile
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