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PREMIER recording debut - CVS Pharmacy "on hold" music

Posted By: pv88

PREMIER recording debut - CVS Pharmacy "on hold" music - 11/22/10 07:44 AM

I am posting what has to be the very first performance of the CVS Pharmacy "on hold" music, as it is performed here on a Casio Celviano AP-620 digital piano, with the "Strings-Piano" setting.

I play this piece from a professional transcription since no score exists for the original performance, and I am including both recordings for comparison, here:

1) Debut recording, on the Casio AP-620:


2) Original CVS "on hold" music:


All comments are welcome.
Posted By: Gnarly

Re: PREMIER recording debut - CVS Pharmacy "on hold" music - 10/31/11 02:39 PM

Sounds to me like you nailed it--guess we still don't know the composer or original composer.
The recording is sometimes slowed down and garbled when I call CVS, like it was stored on magnetic tape . . .
Thanks for your contribution!
PS Care to share your transcription?
Posted By: DCM1519

Re: PREMIER recording debut - CVS Pharmacy "on hold" music - 03/09/12 07:42 PM

I found a site that claims to be able to identify any song if a small portion of it is played or even whistled. It looks legitimate and I think it is free. I would try it but it appears to require using a cell phone to record part of the song and then somehow transmit it. I do not have a cell phone and don't have a clue about the instructions they give.

Maybe someone here with a cell phone can read and understand it enough to try it. Here is the link.


Posted By: DCM1519

Re: PREMIER recording debut - CVS Pharmacy "on hold" music - 03/17/12 10:37 PM

I have read the instructions for doing this and there is a way to do it without a cell phone. I tried turning "stero mix" and my computer does not have it.

A google search seems to indicate that not many sound cards contain this feature. I am willing to buy a sound card but have not found a way to tell if the cards support stereo mix.
Posted By: kspitz

Re: PREMIER recording debut - CVS Pharmacy "on hold" music - 04/20/13 08:46 PM

Great job on the CVS "music on hold" piano solo. I heard somewhere it is called "The Golden Dragon" but not sure if that is correct. I have been trying to get just the chords for this piece since I play by ear. I have worked out the melody but cant quite the the left hand going correctly. Just need a list of chords like quitar chords. Even just the sequence of chords like C-major, A-minor, G-seventh etc in keeping with the melody. Do you know of a source where I could do this? Thanks much.
Posted By: jackross

Re: PREMIER recording debut - CVS Pharmacy "on hold" music - 07/27/13 07:51 AM

I have basic knowledge of harmonium but i want learn guitar. Is there easy way to learn guitar..
Posted By: ScottieG

Re: PREMIER recording debut - CVS Pharmacy "on hold" music - 08/20/13 07:06 PM

I know this is an older thread, but I only recently had occasion to call a CVS pharmacy and hear that beautiful music. After listening to it, I jumped straight on the web to see if I could find it and came across this forum. I am green with envy that you were able to emulate it nearly note for note. Great job!! I play by ear and am attempting to learn the piece, but it's going to take me a while. I'm not a trained pianist, but I have a natural knack for playing what I hear. I have a Yamaha CVP 70 Clavinova. Bought it new in 1992. With some work, I should be able to do OK. Anyway, I just wanted to comment on your rendition. Thanks for posting. If anybody ever finds out who the composer is, I'd love to know.

Posted By: Pluckydono

Re: PREMIER recording debut - CVS Pharmacy "on hold" music - 06/19/15 03:32 PM

I hadn't intended on bumping this old thread, but I did have to express my appreciation for the work PV88 has put into recreating this work.

This music is still largely a mystery as to its origin, i.e. composer, performer, etc.... Although several persons around the web claim to know who wrote it, the title, and other info, it has always lead to dead ends with no way to verify the authenticity of each claim. Oh well.

As a pharmacy tech at CVS I've heard this music thousands of times over the past 7 years, but I still find it to be a very beautiful and moving piece.

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