"Soweto Strings"

Posted by: landorrano

"Soweto Strings" - 08/22/09 05:13 PM

A documentary called "Soweto Strings" was shown on the French-German TV channel Arte a few days ago. I don't know if it has been broadcast in the US or in other countries.

It concerns a music school in Soweto, run by an English lass.

It is very interesting, very much worth seeing if one has the opportunity, perhaps especially so for a music teacher.
Posted by: Ebony and Ivory

Re: "Soweto Strings" - 08/22/09 05:14 PM

Thanks for sharing smile I'll look into it
Posted by: keyboardklutz

Re: "Soweto Strings" - 08/22/09 05:39 PM

Seen it. She's done an amazing job.