"Con Pedal" ?

Posted by: tl91pink

"Con Pedal" ? - 12/20/04 10:15 PM

What does "con pedal" mean? I have a book that has that a lot on its songs. It's usually at the beginning of the song. It appears that it might mean "No pedal," but I'm not sure. Anyone know for sure what it means?
Posted by: Oleander

Re: "Con Pedal" ? - 12/20/04 10:49 PM

Maybe "with pedal?" I believe "con" means "with" in Italian and Spanish...I'll check my music dictionary, but that's my best guess. \:\)
Posted by: cranky woman

Re: "Con Pedal" ? - 12/21/04 04:43 AM

with pedal
Posted by: tl91pink

Re: "Con Pedal" ? - 12/21/04 10:57 AM

Thank you!
Posted by: pianafetish

Re: "Con Pedal" ? - 12/23/04 11:56 AM

it means 'with' in either Espanol or Italiana.