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Expressive Etudes - Suzanne W. Guy

Posted By: John v.d.Brook

Expressive Etudes - Suzanne W. Guy - 11/28/08 06:06 AM

Expressive Etudes is currently a 6 volume series, which seems fairly even in advancement. The last of the six volumes was published in 2004 (by FJH).

I have played through the complete set and am thinking of incorporating it as a staple for my average to more talented students. There are about 20 etudes per set, so a diligent student could learn most of them from a given volume in a year. It will easily encompass six years of lessons, and surprisingly, many of the etudes I already use anyway.

I can also see using this set as a text for an adult student who is resuming his or her studies, along with supplemental larger pieces, of course.

I am wondering if any of you have begun using any or all of the series, and if so, what your thoughts are. Or if you tried it and rejected it, why?
Posted By: Kreisler

Re: Expressive Etudes - Suzanne W. Guy - 11/28/08 02:39 PM

I reviewed book 4 a few years back:

American Music Teacher Review

I've used the first 5 books with students and like them very much. I like the mix of standards and lesser-known works, and my students seem to like them as well.

I don't use them exclusively, though. For technical training, I also assign some Hanon and works from the Celebration Series Studies books as well.
Posted By: John v.d.Brook

Re: Expressive Etudes - Suzanne W. Guy - 11/28/08 06:29 PM

Great review! Thanks for reminding me.
Posted By: dumdumdiddle

Re: Expressive Etudes - Suzanne W. Guy - 11/29/08 05:25 AM

I love the Expressive Etudes series, but I've only used Prep-level 2. They are a great introduction to original classical repertoire. Sometimes I use them along with FJH's Developing Artist series, although I find that some of the pieces overlap and are in both books.
Posted By: LiszThalberg

Re: Expressive Etudes - Suzanne W. Guy - 11/30/08 02:07 AM

Mrs. Guy has taught a few of the kids that beat me out and clean house in competitions. She definatly has some good ideas with music and teaches really well.

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