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Posted By: PianoArtist

Piano Lessons - 11/24/04 04:15 PM

Take Piano Lessons from anywhere in the World

on the Internet with live teacher.

Piano Lessons are Live, Interactive, and

Posted By: signa

Re: Piano Lessons - 11/24/04 08:01 PM

do you mean that you will be teaching via video on internet? what type of piano playing are you teaching, and to whom your lessons are aimed at (beginner to advanced)?
Posted By: pianafetish

Re: Piano Lessons - 11/27/04 05:41 PM

does it really work? has anyone become advanced off of this? i was just wondering, b/c in my opinion, learning online is not the same as acutually having another human being there teaching you, guiding you along. tell me, 'cause i'm curious.
Posted By: Varcon

Re: Piano Lessons - 11/27/04 05:52 PM

Look at his website! Play piano in one day??? Rather suspicious I think. Ad site says "Easy Chord Method." Hm . . . How easy? What method?
Fascinating if it works. I was asked one time, "How many lessons before I can play anything I want? Five, six?" Duh!!!!
Posted By: Varcon

Re: Piano Lessons - 11/28/04 03:01 PM

I think some comments from other Forum members should be entered here--especially after checking out his website. I'm sure the comments would be interesting.
Posted By: Sarah Jennings

Re: Piano Lessons - 11/29/04 01:06 AM

Posted By: Varcon

Re: Piano Lessons - 11/29/04 08:20 AM

Sarah--no comments. What do you think?
Posted By: mound

Re: Piano Lessons - 11/29/04 11:51 AM

That guy joined the forum and spammed us with an advertisement for his product with his very first post..

I wouldn't expect you'll hear any responses to your questions (or any other contributions to these forums at all) from him.

Posted By: Varcon

Re: Piano Lessons - 11/29/04 12:45 PM


You might be right about responses. It just seemed a rather outrageous claim to teach someone to play (the implication is with ability) in one day. It reminds me of the ridiculous claims of the TV promos for similar videos, etc. I was waiting for some of the comments from other forum members about it. Had they commented it would most likely have been fun reading! laugh

Thanks for your input.

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