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Live Music Lessons via Internet

Posted By: Hanspeter tschupp

Live Music Lessons via Internet - 06/03/04 04:15 PM

Are live music lessons via the Internet possible? Follow this link and find out.

[Linked Image]

The link includes a movie about a panflute lesson over a distance of more than 4000 miles.

Click here for the Movie.

For more technical information check out:

A Post on our Panflute Forum
Posted By: keyplyr

Re: Live Music Lessons via Internet - 07/13/04 05:21 AM

Yes, we've been teaching piano in real time via stream for nearly 5 years:

Posted By: Hanspeter tschupp

Re: Live Music Lessons via Internet - 08/30/04 12:48 AM

I saw that you use MS Netmeeting or Messenger. Is the Video sufficient for what you are doing or are
you mainly using MIDI transmissions and audio to teach?

BR Hp.Tschupp
Posted By: keyplyr

Re: Live Music Lessons via Internet - 08/31/04 05:37 AM

Hi Hanspeter,

We utilize the audio/video capabilities of NetMeeting by webcam and microphone. But the educational core of our service is our (patent pending) virtual keyboard software which displays both on the student's and instructor's monitor respectively. Thus the student can see the instructor, hear his/her commentary and also see and hear (through MIDI stream) what the instructor plays. Likewise the instructor sees and hears what the student plays and says.

Remote teaching, while it does have challenges, is ideal for those who are not near schools or instructors.
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