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Posted By: chasingrainbows Virtual recital - 04/16/20 06:21 PM
Has anyone used this online recital site? If so, can you provide input?
Posted By: mostlystrings Re: Virtual recital - 04/17/20 12:29 AM
I got an (unsolicited) email from them.

"Please register and upload your YouTube videos on our website. Simple phone recordings proved to be of decent quality, no special equipment is needed. Please make sure that the performer is dressed up appropriately for the concert.

Each participant will be awarded a medal, which will be mailed.

Teachers who have three of more students participating in the recital will receive a musical gift.

The fee for the solo participation is $35."

Pay $35 for your YouTube video to be, what, watched by a committee or everyone else who also paid $35 to have theirs watched. This is almost like the pay to play at Carnegie Hall winners' recital type things, only without the Carnegie Hall. No thanks, I'll organize my own studio online performance event, without the extra unnecessary trinkets. And I unsubscribed because I never signed up for their list.
Posted By: Morodiene Re: Virtual recital - 04/17/20 02:38 PM
I had received something similar (if not the same thing, I don't recall) and after looking into it, I felt that it would be better if I just did something myself instead. There certainly are other ways you could have an online studio recital and have it not cost you anything but your time (but you could charge a lot less per student).
Posted By: chasingrainbows Re: Virtual recital - 04/17/20 03:53 PM
Thanks, Morodiene and mostly strings. I was thinking about the majority of my parents who focus on "awards" honors recitals, and levels (like ABRSM) just for the sake of putting something on their kids' resumes.
Posted By: chasingrainbows Re: Virtual recital - 04/17/20 03:54 PM
But I did wonder about the backgrounds of the "judges." I've put my students in local festivals where everyone received a "trinket" and a ribbon, with the possibility of acceptance into honors recitals. Parents really went for that.
Posted By: missbelle Re: Virtual recital - 04/30/20 11:52 PM
I'm doing Zoom recitals, several mini-recitals, inviting grandparents and such, for a Show-and-Tell version of a recital. For Free!!
They can record it themselves.
No fuss, no muss.
And, free!
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