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Posted By: Ebony and Ivory Violin music question - 01/16/20 01:32 AM
I know it's a piano forum smile BUT I also know that we musicians are a diverse bunch! I have a guitar/drummer friend that is interested in learning violin, tending towards "fiddle". Is there anyone here that can suggest a forum or book for him to use? He's not interested in a formal education or a teacher. Thank you so much!
Posted By: Tyrone Slothrop Re: Violin music question - 01/16/20 02:30 AM
Posted By: keystring Re: Violin music question - 01/16/20 03:40 AM
More precisely:

Darol Anger
(at ArtistWorks)

NOT "Richard Amoroso" (in Tyrone's link) --- He's classical violin - also a good artist and I think good teacher. Darol has been doing this for 11 years. The amount of material at your friend's disposal alone is phenomenal.

I registered there in 2016 but was not ready to return to violin with the load I had with my piano things. I reregistered this December for a year subscription. You get a top teacher and top musician, and within your desired genre, all angles. I can't say enough good. Also look him up otherwise - look up Turtle Island as well.

Feel free to contact me in PM.
Posted By: keystring Re: Violin music question - 01/16/20 03:44 AM
I think this link gets you to Darol

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