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Posted By: Peter K. Mose Clavier Companion Magazine name change - 07/29/19 05:23 AM
I just finished attending the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy (NCKP), held in suburban Chicago over 4 days. It is put on by the Frances Clark Center for Keyboard Pedagogy, based in the hamlet of Kingston, New Jersey. Each of us 800 attendees received a copy of the current summer edition of Keyboard Companion Magazine - published by the Frances Clark Center - only suddenly the magazine has a new name: it is now called simply, The Piano Magazine.

One wonders whether this implies a new, broader focus to this teacherly magazine. Time will tell.
I was unaware of the change. Thanks for the heads up.
Posted By: malkin Re: Clavier Companion Magazine name change - 07/31/19 10:38 PM
Perhaps it is a sign that we English speakers are moving away from our ancient and enduring love of alliteration.
How unimaginative.
Posted By: currawong Re: Clavier Companion Magazine name change - 08/05/19 10:15 PM
Originally Posted by chasingrainbows
How unimaginative.
I thought the same. There's a great restaurant not far from where I live, which used to have a rather quirky name - but at least it was memorable and everyone knew which place you were talking about. New owners changed the name to something bland and generic and now I can never remember it.
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