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appropriate/appreciated gift?

Posted By: Tech 5

appropriate/appreciated gift? - 12/09/12 09:44 AM

What types of gifts from adult piano students are considered appropriate and are appreciated by piano teachers?
Posted By: currawong

Re: appropriate/appreciated gift? - 12/09/12 10:23 AM

Personally I always like book or CD vouchers and nice foody things. I'm also of the opinion that you can never have too many photo frames, but I know this belief is not universal. My husband doesn't share it, for example. smile Plants are nice too, though I have a tendency to kill them.
Posted By: Morodiene

Re: appropriate/appreciated gift? - 12/09/12 01:07 PM

Gift cards are great...especially to Starbucks or something if you know what kinds of things your teacher likes.
Posted By: Beth_Frances

Re: appropriate/appreciated gift? - 12/09/12 11:07 PM

I love it when I recieve something that shows the person has paid attention to me. For example this year a parent I talked with about which herbal teas we like bought me a tin of tea from T2. It was so thoughtful that she had considered something I would really like, rather than just giving me the generic box of chocolates.
Posted By: Bluoh

Re: appropriate/appreciated gift? - 12/10/12 12:16 AM

Giftcards are super great. Chapters (they sell music there too!), Starbucks, even one to a mall would be great.
Posted By: Stanny

Re: appropriate/appreciated gift? - 12/10/12 11:46 PM

My students know I love coffee, so I get coffee gift cards quite a bit.
I also love houseplants, or flowering bulbs.
I think the key word is "consumables." I am appreciative of any gift, but I love things that can be used up!
I also enjoy Christmas Tree ornaments.
Posted By: Joyce_dup1

Re: appropriate/appreciated gift? - 12/11/12 12:15 AM

I intensely dislike gift cards. I usually have a stack of them - unused. It's a joke in my family - when we're together they will ask for my giftcards. I open my wallet, and there they are. I just pass them around. I do not shop much - I'm on a tight budget. I don't eat out in restaurants. Don't go to the movies. I generally use my giftcards to purchase Christmas presents. That is, if I get them before Christmas. That helps a lot. I resent the fact the some stores make you use up every penny and won't refund the smallest leftover. What a racket! The cards that are most useful are the American Express, or Visa cards that can be used like money. But still, I get such joy from the usual gifts - candles, coffee, Christmas items, candy and cookies to go on my Christmas table, hand lotion, perfume. I appreciate all my students and love their thoughtfulness. I just wish they would skip the giftcards.
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