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heart and soul help needed. (ha ha)

Posted By: apple*

heart and soul help needed. (ha ha) - 12/02/12 01:17 PM

my daughter and her friend have learned heart and soul.

I am going 'to write' them some variations to play in the talent show. (if you come across any good links to variations. .. please pass them along)

in their favor they can play them faster then I have ever heard. I remember all sorts of trills, scales, and such but simply cannot remember them presently. i remember descending in 3rds super fast and fifths.
Posted By: currawong

Re: heart and soul help needed. (ha ha) - 12/03/12 12:10 AM

apple, why don't you give them a few little ideas, encourage them to have a jam session and see what they can come up with themselves? They'd learn a lot in the process, have a lot of fun, and they might really surprise you!
Posted By: apple*

Re: heart and soul help needed. (ha ha) - 12/05/12 12:03 PM

i think my favorite was descending scales in 3rds. They are such a pain to listen to, but it's a real joy to have kids really enjoying the piano. they giggle and prance. jiggle and dance.

The song is rather trite.. I'd like to find another duet for them to play.

I've been having dreams of new variations.
Posted By: Bob Newbie

Re: heart and soul help needed. (ha ha) - 12/05/12 12:35 PM

I watched Bradley Sowash play different variations of Heart & Soul here(not sure how to acess a specific episode)

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