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i sure miss my students

Posted By: apple*

i sure miss my students - 12/02/12 01:01 PM

their farm is coming together slowly.. they need to put a piano somewhere so they can practice..I looks like it will be at least 3 weeks before they can come back. frown

Let's all wish they could speed up! I found the most gorgeous Hamberg Steinway for them but they couldn't buy it. It was practically 100 years old but i don't think i have ever heard a piano sound so nice. (Maybe it is still out there on the market).
Posted By: malkin

Re: i sure miss my students - 12/02/12 01:54 PM

I hope they settle in soon; I like hearing your stories about them!
Posted By: apple*

Re: i sure miss my students - 12/08/12 08:01 PM

my older lady student has come back. She used to be very frustrating, very negative but is doing fantastic. so that's good.
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