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Piano Flyer Templates?

Posted By: pianogirl1978

Piano Flyer Templates? - 06/10/11 04:55 AM

Can anyone tell me if there is a website that I can download a piano lesson flyer template? I am not the most creative person on the computer and want to look professional. Also, what sort of info do you put on the flyer? Do you put your address? Not sure if that was safe or not.Thanks.
Posted By: malkin

Re: Piano Flyer Templates? - 06/10/11 01:18 PM

Your word processing software might have some templates. You don't need the template to be specific to piano lessons, just find a general flyer. Include your contact information, your background, the ages and levels of your (desired) students, something about performance opportunities, your general schedule and availability, and something about what you will teach--how to practice, correct technique, music theory. If you teach from your home it is probably wise to omit your physical address, but as a possible consumer I'd want to know generally where you were located--so if you can put the name of your area or proximity to a landmark, that might be useful.

Good luck!
Posted By: musiclady

Re: Piano Flyer Templates? - 06/10/11 04:57 PM

Microsoft Publisher 2010 (and I think maybe from as early as the 2003 version) has a Music Lesson Flyer template, which I've used for designing other music teacher's flyers.

Posted By: pianogirl1978

Re: Piano Flyer Templates? - 06/14/11 04:43 AM

Thanks for the replies! smile
Posted By: tdow

Re: Piano Flyer Templates? - 06/16/11 02:02 AM

Lots of professional templates on dreamtemplates.com. There is a membership fee, but if you plan on making professional looking print material often (hopefully!) then it's worth it.
Posted By: Scott Coletta

Re: Piano Flyer Templates? - 06/16/11 02:07 PM

I'm curious about where and how you are distributing flyers. I just moved to a new state and I'm starting all over looking for students. I tried flyers when I first started out in my last location but it didn't seem to work too well. I just walked through nearby neighborhoods and left flyers on front doors, since it's illegal to put them on mailboxes. Out of 500 flyers I got 2 calls crazy. Those students did stay with me for over 3 years and referred a couple others so I guess it was worth it, but it took several days to run all the flyers and I can't imagine trying to do more than that by myself. Also, I'm pretty sure that alot of the flyers just blew away or stayed on the door for weeks.

Now that I'm starting over again, I've considered trying this again, but honestly I don't really feel comfortable with it. I think alot of people are turned off by "trash" on their doors, not to mention the issue of trespassing. Now I'm considering just doing a legitimate bulk mailing, but that's a bit pricey. What are your thoughts?
Posted By: R0B

Re: Piano Flyer Templates? - 06/16/11 03:10 PM

Hi Scott,
It might be worth getting yourself listed on any piano teacher online directories, that cover your area. Many are free. Try a Google search.
Don't forget local, free Community newspapers, and develop a relationship with local music stores (leave some business cards)

Also, it may help to change the "Description" meta tag in your website header, to better describe the services you offer, for those searching online.

Good luck,
Posted By: Scott Coletta

Re: Piano Flyer Templates? - 06/16/11 05:37 PM

Thanks Rob. I have actually already posted listings on many online teacher directories as well as google maps and yelp. These seem to work, but I'm particularly interested in reaching the potential students in my immediate area who might not find me online, and instead end up driving further than necessary to meet with another teacher. It is difficult to get good rankings on search engines and there are alot of teachers and studios to pick from that come up before I do. I can certainly try the music stores, although many offer lessons so that might be a conflict of interest. It's not easy to get going, but once you do... word of mouth seems to be the best advertising. It's particularly difficult now being that summer vacation just started.
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