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Biegel concerts in 2007-08

Posted By: JBiegel

Biegel concerts in 2007-08 - 09/15/07 02:40 AM

Hope to meet and greet friends from Piano World here and there!

NEWS RELEASE!! Naxos release of Leroy Anderson 'Concerto' with Leonard Slatkin/BBC--January 2008;
9/1-2/2007--Mid-Texas Symphony (TX)--Beethoven 5 'Emperor'
9/20/2007--PianoDisc recording (Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt for audio/video)
9/27-28/2007--Knoxville Symphony--Liebermann 3rd
10/5-6/2007--Hartford Symphony--Liebermann 3rd
10/9/2007--Koch Records releases 'Classical Carols'
10/13,14/2007--South Dakota Symphony--Liebermann 3rd
10/19/2007--Columbus Symphony (GA)--Liebermann 3rd
10/21/2007--Traverse Symphony--Liebermann 3rd

1/4-5/2008--Milwaukee Symphony--Prokofiev 3rd
1/11/2008--Alabama Symphony--Leroy Anderson Concerto
1/19/2008--Charleston Symphony--Rachmaninoff 3rd
2/1-2/3008--Key West Symphony--Liebermann 3rd
2/8-10/2008--San Diego Symphony--Liebermann 3rd
2/23/2008--Anchorage Symphony--Liebermann 3rd
2/29-3/1,2/2008--New Mexico Symphony--Liebermann 3rd
3/8/2008--Springfield Symphony (MA)--Beethoven 5 'Emperor'
3/15/2008--Space Coast Pops--Leroy Anderson Concerto (with Richard Hayman)
3/26-30/2008--Bargemusic--Daniel Ott 'Concerto for Violin, Piano and String Quartet' World Premiere with Shanghai Quartet
4/13/2008--Champaign-Urbana Symphony--Leroy Anderson Concerto/Keith Emerson Concerto no. 1
4/19,20/2008--Maryland Symphony--Gershwin Concerto in F
4/26/2008--Rockford Symphony (IL)--Leroy Anderson Concerto/Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue
Posted By: Piano*Dad

Re: Biegel concerts in 2007-08 - 09/17/07 04:26 PM


I hope to get up to Maryland for the Maryland Symphony performance of the Concerto in F. Anthony should see that live. He's got the third movement down and plays it with a friend of mine in the two-piano version.


Posted By: JBiegel

Re: Biegel concerts in 2007-08 - 09/17/07 09:01 PM

Would be great to meet then~

Posted By: Piano*Dad

Re: Biegel concerts in 2007-08 - 09/20/07 11:39 PM


BTW, Anthony got to perform his movement of the Gershwin for the first time yesterday. It went quite well. No recording though. The two pianos were .....lets see, how to put this gently .....well used.


Posted By: JBiegel

Re: Biegel concerts in 2007-08 - 09/21/07 03:31 AM

Glad it went well!
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