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Kawai vs Yamaha

Posted By: beginner

Kawai vs Yamaha - 06/11/04 05:00 PM

I am currently looking to purchase a either 44.5 or 45 inch console/studio from either Kawai or Yamaha, can someone offer me some suggestions on which brand is better. Which one has less problem later down the road. Kawai is using ABS for the action, is this reliable than wood. Kawai claims that ABS will survive better under different humidity, is it true? What are the price range for two brands?
Posted By: Hans Hitmachine

Re: Kawai vs Yamaha - 06/15/04 05:41 PM

I must say that I like the sound of Yamaha much better than Kawai. But I'm a pop musician, most classical pianists don't like Yamaha at all. To me Kawai sounds very, very boring whereas Yamaha's have a very full, clear and loud tone that is a lot more expressive.
However, I did hear some horror stories on the durabillity and that you can't intonate Yamaha's because of the rather short tone.
Judging on sound I would go with yamaha, for my music at least. They may not be suited for most styles, but they are perfect for others. However, they do lack the soul of great German pianos.
But Kawai is just totally uninspiring to me.
Posted By: Mikester

Re: Kawai vs Yamaha - 06/15/04 06:09 PM

The classic Yamaha vs. Kawai debate. Right now I own a Yamaha (although switching to Steinway). My teachers have owned Kawais. Basically Yamahas are bright, loud, and crisp. Kawais are relatively softer, warmer, and mellower. It really depends on your preference. Both have clean, smooth actions. Price point is about the same: a Yamaha 45" P22 console starts retail for $5,795 according to Blue Book of Pianos. Kawai 46" UST-8 console starts around $6,395.
Posted By: Axtremus

Re: Kawai vs Yamaha - 06/15/04 11:05 PM


Try posting your question in the Piano Forum HERE . You will likely get more responses that way.

As for your "Yamaha or Kawai" question, while I believe in ABS' merit, I do not think ABS alone should drive a purchase decision. Plus, both Yamaha and Kawai make many different lines of pianos at different price points -- so it would be best to quote actual model name/number if you want good answers from people.

Good luck!

Re: Kawai vs Yamaha - 08/30/11 07:07 PM

Kawai's will hold there duralibity a lot longer than a yamaha. I have owned both and am a very involved player. I play concertos, and a lot of classical music. Kawai has lasted a lot longer than Yamaha or Steinway.

Re: Kawai vs Yamaha - 08/30/11 07:09 PM

Not to mention, Kawai's are purposely more mellow. As a piano ages, it will become more brighter. A 10 year old Kawai will be more brighter than a new one. Yamaha's are rather bright when they are new, so you can only imagine what happens to the piano as it ages, It will be untollerable.
Posted By: pianocritic

Re: Kawai vs Yamaha - 05/06/13 06:44 PM

I have been a player for over 60 years. I have owned both Kawai and Yamaha pianos. Yamaha in my opinion is a far superior piano. The repetition rate and touch of the Kawai is not nearly as good as the Yamaha. The plastic parts in the Kawai action I feel are a detriment to the piano.They claim it is better but my experience has not shown that. Every fine piano in the world uses wood in their action. I have played some good Kawai pianos but overall their quality is not up to the Yamaha standard. When purchasing or playing a Yamaha you always know what you are going to get. Their quality and consistency is second to none. I presently own both a Yamaha studio and a Yamaha Grand. One of the churches I play for has a kawai grand and I almost cringe every time I have to play on it.It just does not perform the way that a good piano should.
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