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Post FAQ Thread Suggestions Here

Posted By: Piano World

Post FAQ Thread Suggestions Here - 08/31/03 05:13 PM

We are still collecting suggestions for the forums FAQ areas.

Post your suggestions here, including a LINK to the thread.
Please include a brief description of why you think it belongs in the FAQ section, and which one it should be in.

I will review suggestions and post them in the appropriate FAQ forum.


- Frank B.
Piano World
Posted By: Samejame

Re: Post FAQ Thread Suggestions Here - 09/03/03 05:36 PM


A suggestion for an FAQ for the Corner

"Online sources for help with chordal and other notation references"
link to thread #1

link to thread # 2

link to thread # 3

Link to thread # 4

link to thread # 5

I'm sure there are others on this topic which someone may be able to add to these, but this is a start.

Anyway, give some thought to including this topic on PC FAQ's

Posted By: JPM

Re: Post FAQ Thread Suggestions Here - 09/04/03 11:21 AM


You might consider adding a "Caveat Emptor" section under the FAQs. In here would go the threads dealing with "bad stuff" that people bring to the forum. Recent examples for "Caveat Emptor" would be the PianoPiano issue and the Is it Hot or Not? (attempted ripoff on Ebay).

Consolidating these threads in one spot will make it easier to direct newbie piano buyers to issues they should be aware of as shop for a piano.

Best regards,
Posted By: jkeene

Re: Post FAQ Thread Suggestions Here - 09/22/03 07:17 PM


A good thread for FAQ - Pianist's corner would the How to learn to play by heart thread. The subject of memorization comes up repeatedly, and this thread has been very helpful for me.

Posted By: classicalgirl

Re: Post FAQ Thread Suggestions Here - 11/05/04 12:33 PM


A Newbie here. I am currently on a quest to buy a better piano. As I mentioned in another post, I have gleaned much information in my research here and would like to see the following posts added to the Piano Forum:

Evaluating rebuilt pianos and rebuilders:

Excellent information about whether or not to replace soundboards in older pianos:

A later discussion about soundboard crown:

Del Fandrich's posts to both of the above topics are awesome. He should write a book.

Posted By: Cy Shuster, RPT

Re: Post FAQ Thread Suggestions Here - 12/19/05 02:27 PM

One obvious item missing from the overall forum FAQs is the definition of the 14 "new post" icons. One FAQ refers to them without indicating what their usage conventions are.

Creating a new post is something every new user is likely to do...

Posted By: Deb Schaub

Re: Post FAQ Thread Suggestions Here - 06/15/07 01:11 PM

Hello! I joined the forums yesterday in order to get help in identifying an old piano. Piano World's forum is one of the best I've experienced with regard to content, look & feel, and extra features.

My suggestion is to add a hyperlink to the File Uploader page from both the FAQ page (where file attaching is discussed) and on the UBB Code explanation page, where linking images is discussed. I was unable to intuitively find the file uploading instructions on my own. Thankfully, a helpful poster provided the hyperlink in his reply.
Posted By: Auntie Lynn

Re: Post FAQ Thread Suggestions Here - 02/14/08 01:23 PM

Just a suggestion - it's time for the administrators to go into the Pianist Corner and clean up the top of this site. The same old stuff has been there for months with no activity...you have to plow through this phony tinsel to get to the real tinsel...

Posted By: guest1013

Re: Post FAQ Thread Suggestions Here - 02/27/08 05:38 PM

How about a FAQ on how to shop for a digital piano?
Posted By: davideberhardt

Re: Post FAQ Thread Suggestions Here - 12/25/08 02:44 PM

i recently posted on rachmaninoff in the ? i forget section-
some basic questions? and where wld i go to find answers? it doewsn't seem easy- but, i know that- w most sites w bells and whistles one must b patient and learn one's way around
i have my password-
how do i see if any one has posted a reply to my post?
how do i poast a reply to some one else's post?
best, dave eberhardt in baltimore
Posted By: rada

Re: Post FAQ Thread Suggestions Here - 01/14/09 10:40 PM

Is there a technology section I missed? When last in the SFran area we came upon a hotel with a nice Yamaha Grand....above the piano was a big screen Tv...Diana Krall was playing and singing with her group....all the while the keys on the Yamaha were being depressed as she played on screen. Very cool...what is that technology?

thanks for your help,
Posted By: Musicwoman

Re: Post FAQ Thread Suggestions Here - 08/24/09 06:18 PM

Please add what is the latest gossip in the piano world today?
Posted By: tommytones

Re: Post FAQ Thread Suggestions Here - 06/19/12 05:33 PM

please add a feature to block certain posters from your forum that you feel are not helpful, and/or not in the nature of the code of forum posts
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