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Numbered or alphabetical lists - not working anymore

Posted By: TheodorN

Numbered or alphabetical lists - not working anymore - 11/25/17 05:34 PM

There seem to have been changes made to the website, how it handles lists.

Before, it worked to use [list=1] to make a numbered list. Now it doesn't.

Before, you could choose betweem UBBCode and HTML. Now you can't.

Here's what it says in the FAQ.

[list=A] or [list=1] will make order/numbered lists. Other options include: circle, i, I, a, A, 1, disc, square.

Please fix this, if at all possible, as I liked very much to use numbered lists.

If there is another way to do it, please tell me about it, and then update the FAQ section accordingly.

If numbered lists are not a feature of this forum anymore, and won't be, I'd appreciate if you updated the FAQ to reflect that, instead.
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