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Log on problem

Posted By: rnaple

Log on problem - 08/25/13 04:55 PM

I have no problem logging on with Safari or Opera. I'm running mac 10.8 ...
I just tried with Firefox. No good. I tried the temporary password you will automatically send out. Still no good. "user name and password do not match".

What's the problem? I'd like to use Firefox more.
Posted By: casinitaly

Re: Log on problem - 09/13/13 06:52 PM

I use Firefox on my old computer and the only trouble I've had is that if I click "remember me" after putting the password, it doesn't log me on.... but I don't know why.
Posted By: wouter79

Re: Log on problem - 11/24/13 09:53 AM

I use Firefox 3.5.3 on OSX for this website, no major issues except some recent layout issues (see my other post).

Not sure if that would make any difference but maybe you have cookies disabled in Firefox?
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