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Tip: Don't write your post like a letter

Posted By: SBP

Tip: Don't write your post like a letter - 09/23/12 03:21 AM

One thing I would like to point out: You don't need to put your username/real name at the bottom of your post. This is not a letter, or an e-mail. While it's the proper thing to do for letters and e-mails, it is not needed for forum posts or private messages. Your username is to the right of your post, and if someone cannot see it, that is their problem. If you still want to put your name at the bottom, put it in your signature. As an experienced forum-user, there are two things that irk me more than anything: Writing it like a letter, and asking how to use simple functions (picture linking, quoting, etc. If it's your first time, it's fine, but throwing an e-fit will only get you laughed at). Dated internet jokes and txt tok (unless used to make fun of something/someone) are also irkers, but those aren't really relevant 'round here.
Posted By: adultpianist

Re: Tip: Don't write your post like a letter - 12/24/12 01:48 AM

I really do not think it matters
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