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Getting rid of an account??

Posted By: Shadow2662

Getting rid of an account?? - 09/05/12 09:46 PM

I have realized that I really do not talk much on the Composers Lounge forum and have decided to get rid of my account on here. However, I can't seem to find any information about how to do so.

Any information regarding deleting an account would be great.

Posted By: SBP

Re: Getting rid of an account?? - 09/23/12 03:13 AM

On forums, you don't just "get rid of" an account. You just leave it, and let it die. Or you can do something stupid and be banned (someone on another forum I visit made 5000+ posts within a year, and contributed greatly to the site, and then left last May because the moderators were "too lenient" to newbies, and decided to post pornography so he would go out with a bang. He was banned within 5 minutes. Needless to say, this is not recommended at all). Or, you could ask a moderator to close your account, but you'll be screwed if you wish to come back at a later moment.

Posted By: curlyfries

Re: Getting rid of an account?? - 12/31/13 11:27 PM

We won't be screwed. We have to close business. Some people are this way.
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