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Posted By: russmom

Forum for Parents - 12/29/09 05:44 AM

Hi! Any possibility of adding a separate thread/forum for parents of piano students to discuss our kids?
Posted By: keystring

Re: Forum for Parents - 12/31/09 12:14 PM

I once suggested a parent forum that goes even further. A parent needs to discuss parental roles and issues for students taking piano lessons. Teachers sometimes need to deal with things involving a parent, or want to know how to guide parents in being effective helping the student. But also, older students sometimes have questions or issues involving parents and/or teachers (the combination or separately). The idea was rejected because it was felt this would fragment the threads too much.
Posted By: Betty Patnude

Re: Forum for Parents - 12/31/09 11:02 PM

I would definitely be in favor of this!

Parent's deserve the opportunity to talk to each other about their children's piano lessons. If parent's wanted input from piano teacher's they could request it there where the parent's are most likely to see parental questions and exchanges.

A parental forum would be a very good referance area for a specialized group of interest. Parents are the consumer's who buy the pianos and piano teaching services.

Rejecting the idea is not in the best interest of parents who have students in piano study and in those teachers who are comfortable in answering questions or commenting to parents.

I think considering this new feature is the most helpful place for communication between parents and other parents and parents and piano teachers could exist on the forum.

I would like to see it happen as a new SIG:Special Interest Group

Betty Patnude
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