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Kawai GE-20ES vsYoung Chang PG-150 vs Weber 5'2"baby grand

Posted By: divawannabe

Kawai GE-20ES vsYoung Chang PG-150 vs Weber 5'2"baby grand - 09/25/08 11:54 PM

I have the opportunity, finally, to purchase a baby grand piano. I only have a maximum of $6,000 (and that's pushing it) to spend, so I'm looking at used pianos. I have fallen in love with a Young Chang PG-150 built in 2000. I am going to look at a Kawai GE-20ES on Monday, and I just had a dealer tell me he would sell me a new 5'2" Weber (I don't have the model number) for $5,900 and that would include delivery.

Which of these 3 pianos might be the better instrument? I haven't touched a piano in 25 years, and I am so looking forward to playing again. I'm even going to renew my lessons! This will be the one and only piano I will ever have the money to buy and I don't want to make a mistake.

I'm especially interested in knowing which would be the better instrument structurally, which would tune better, give the best overall sound, etc.

I know the Kawai and the Young Chang don't have the duplex scale. Does that really make that big of a difference?

Thanks for any help!
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