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Getting a new piano.

Posted By: fnkyazn

Getting a new piano. - 06/02/08 12:44 AM

Okay, well, let me begin with saying that I currently own a Baldwin 243 HPA, with the "works" you could say, it has the full blow TM key action, go figure.

Now, I'm what you can consider a "beginner" with limited experience, I'm looking for an affordable piano in which I will appreciate in the LONG RUN. I'm aware that pianos with keys that can be pressed easily will be much more appreciate considering my beginner skill level, but in the long run I believe I won't appreciate the easy-to-press keys anymore. Considering that the level of dynamics I would want to reach in the future just wouldn't be possible on such a piano.

So, with all these facts at hand.
Can you guys help me?

I recently went to a dealer that sells Steinways, Essex, Boston, Yamaha, Knabe, Cable, Charles Walter, etc...
All great pianos, really, but I'm not sure, honestly, with my limited experience, as to which one is good.

The Boston was at a fairly decent price, being used for one year, at $4800. It was an upright with an oak finish, but again, would this meet my demands in the future, when I become more skilled at piano? I ask this same question for the Essex, considering the distinct similarities between the two.

Finally, the last piano I was considering was a Charles Walter piano. I've heard many great things about this piano, for example, it being "The Steinway of the 21st Century," pretty far-fetched, eh? I wouldn't know, I'm going to test some Charles Walter pianos out next week, see what I think, it's my hope that I will like the sound as much as I enjoyed the Steinway's.

And finally, what about the key actions? Of course Steinway is well-known for their patented action, I found it very comforting, however, I am in no position to purchase such an expensive piano, especially with my limited skill. But the Charles Walter piano, how's that? I went to their website, I see they've increased the length of the keys? Does this honestly help? I mean, because I haven't played one I can't tell whether it's good or not. Which is why I'm asking you, the people of Piano Forum.

Ahh, and last thing.
Anybody aware of price ranges for decent Charles Walter grands?
Possible Uprights? Studios of course. I wouldn't want a console.

Thanks in advance!
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