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Why did we start and The most difficult one's

Posted By: Benedetti Antonioni

Why did we start and The most difficult one's - 05/05/06 01:48 PM

To find out what you think are The most difficult one's for everybody.
Why is so important to me? Ok, this is going on a long time. DSifferent opinions, but to me very very important subject.
Why did we start playing the Piano? Our parents? Later in life because of a remote passion?
Snd.. it is only music?
No of course..
Well, to me it has been a long time but I still remember...
I was about 11 years old when is because of the challenge I discovered my true passion.
And I am bringin that till this very moment everytday there are some pieces that I still can't play.

Ok, I'd really like your opinion!!
To me yet can't play them perfectly and some passeges still a mystery:
1: Busoni/Bach piano Transcription Chaccone from partita n2 1004 the only one I ever heard playing it without makeing mistakes is Michelangeli Antonioni, is not all diufficult but try it/

The crowd: Most people consider very chllenging the Rach 3, even though I personally don't think is as difficult as S.Francisc of Paola.
Chopin Trascndentals and Listz quite a few..

2: always had troubles playing Listz "S.Francics of Paola walking on the waters"

3: rachmaninoff concertos were never easy, but doable./

4: Some Chopin Scherzo and Trascndental

5: A lot of transcription made by
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