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To Frank...of Piano World

Posted By: loveschopintoomuch

To Frank...of Piano World - 05/11/07 12:57 PM

Dear Frank: I e-mailed you on the Piano World "contact" site, but I don't think it got through.

The reason for my letter is this:

A request for a creation of a Chopin Forum.

We're pretty close to the 2,000 point on our "Devoted to Chopin" thread. That's pretty amazing, to say the least.

This is the arguement I recently posted on the thread that might help persuade you to consider our request.

I just hate to see our wonderful "Devoted" thread come to an end. But if new people and even older members are no longer reading it because of its size and subject matter, then...we have to take the steps to do whatever we can to change this. And if a separate Chopin Forum is the answer...then so be it.

Actually, when I think of it, it just might be great. People could post topics (such as:

Chopin is considered a minature composer for good reason.


Chopin uses way too many discordant chords and notes in his music.

And then, in the heart of the post, go into detail why they consider this to be so. Then other people could hop onto this topic and either agree or disagree.

Then, of course...people could post questions (such as:

Why do so many people think George Sand was responsible for Chopin's death?


What are your favorite Chopin compositions?

and on a more academic or technical side...

Why is Chopin considered the "bridge" between the Classical and the Romantic Period?"


The coda of Chopin's E minor concerto is quite similiar to one of Beethoven's.

And on and on. Room for opinions and questions on both the lighter and the heavier side, so to speak.

It just might work and it just may appeal to all, whether they know a lot about Chopin or very little.

OK, so now we wait for Frank's reply and go for there.

You might respond that if you give us a Chopin forum, then others (the New Age Music, etc.,) would request the same. But I would have to answer that the very "size" and duration (almost a year) of this thread should be a determining factor in your decision. And...of course, the obvious.

This IS a Piano Forum, and Chopin IS considered the "Poet of the Piano" and, to many, the greatest composer of such.

AND...I recently "googled" Chopin and the "Devoted to Chopin" thread on the Piano World, was the very first site to pop up.

I would be willing to be a moderator and Frycek has volunteered to also help out.

So, we are eagerly awaiting your reply. If you have some considerations that might trouble you, please let me (us) know.

Posted By: ShiroKuro

Re: To Frank...of Piano World - 05/11/07 01:21 PM

Kathleen, I think your idea sounds very good. So I am moving it to the "New Feature Request" forum in the hopes that this will increase Frank's chances of seeing this request in a more timely fashion! smile
Posted By: Mountain Ash

Re: To Frank...of Piano World - 05/13/07 12:59 AM

I agree that chopin is "Piano man" (hand over the name Billy, now!) and he certainly generates an amazing amount of discussion. The single thread format is no longer viable as it has become too big and unwieldy.

Perhaps, if you do not think that Chopin is a big enough topic by itself, you could create a "composers" forum, but I believe 80% of the discussin will be chopin.
Posted By: Piano World

Re: To Frank...of Piano World - 05/13/07 01:32 AM

I'm not opposed to the idea, except...

Creating a forum specifically for one composer will inevitably lead to others wanting forums for other composers.

And, we will get the usual push back about how it dilutes the other forums if we keep adding more.

Have to give this one some thought.

Maybe we should put the idea to a vote.

If anything, I'd lean more toward a "Classical Composers" forum.
Posted By: loveschopintoomuch

Re: To Frank...of Piano World - 05/13/07 03:26 PM

Thanks, Frank. I appreciate your response. A "Classical Composers" forum does sound like a more appropriate option.

Just how do we put it up for a vote, if it comes to that?

Posted By: pianojerome

Re: To Frank...of Piano World - 05/13/07 03:37 PM


I've been very impressed by your indexes in the Chopin thread. It really shows how many topics are being discussed! (and how much you love Chopin!)
Posted By: Monica K.

Re: To Frank...of Piano World - 05/13/07 03:41 PM

Awww... but then I'd want a "new age" composers forum. wink

It strikes me that a "classical composers" forum is going to have too much overlap with the Pianist Corner and would create a certain amount of confusion... how would you decide what to post where?

Kathleen, with the utmost respect, I'm not sure there's a problem here that requires a separate forum, either for Chopin or classical composers in general. The problem is that your Devoted to Chopin thread is too big. (Which is in itself a tribute to all your hard work and effort! thumb ) The solution is to spin it off into separate, logically oriented Chopin threads, and place them in their appropriate homes (either AB forum or the Pianist Corner.

Posted By: sotto voce

Re: To Frank...of Piano World - 05/13/07 03:42 PM

We already sort-of discussed this issue amongst ourselves, and how to address it proactively. But maybe those PW members whose devotion to other composers exceeds what they feel for Chopin might be quite alienated if the Chopin forum existed at the exclusion of ones for the other masters.

A "Classical Composers" forum does sound good, and could be a tremendous thing for everybody (and not just the Chopaholics). I predict there would immediately be many active Chopin threads about the aspects of him and his music that we find so absorbing, plus lots of interesting discussion topics about the other masters, too.

I didn't want to make a premature judgment, but the more I think about this the better it seems.


[Edit in response to Monica: change "Classical Composers" to "Composers"; I don't see how a forum focusing on composers overlaps PC or ABF at all. And don't they already overlap each other? confused ]
Posted By: pianojerome

Re: To Frank...of Piano World - 05/13/07 03:45 PM

Originally posted by loveschopintoomuch:
Thanks, Frank. I appreciate your response. A "Classical Composers" forum does sound like a more appropriate option.

Just how do we put it up for a vote, if it comes to that?

My question is, how is that different from the current ABF and Pianist Corner forums?

(edit: Monica beat me to it!)

A year or so ago, the idea came up for a music history forum (if that is the sort of direction you are leaning). It didn't go through, because Frank was (reasonably) concerned about diluting the other forums; expenses for creating a new forum; setting a precedent for other requests; whether or not people would participate.

I think the last point would probably not be an issue for Chopin... but if you think about the composer's lounge, which was just created about a year ago... for several months, almost nobody was there, and there were few topics, but then at some point it really picked up and now a lot of people are posting/reading there. On the other hand, there used to be a "Coffee Room" here which was extremely popular. It was closed up a couple years ago, and now the "Just for the fun of it" forum is starting to pick up a little, but it's not nearly as successful as the old Coffee Room. So you never really know how successful (or unsuccessful) a new forum is going to be.
Posted By: BruceD

Re: To Frank...of Piano World - 05/13/07 03:55 PM

I, for one, have avoided the referred to thread on Chopin because of its length.

I would think that any topic relevant to Chopin - or a topic related to any other composer or his/her music - should have its own thread, rather than be tacked on to an already over-long thread, and could, therefor be posted in whatever forum the poster deems appropriate.

I think that many of us might see the addition of more forums as just more places to have to go to check out topics of interest to us. Having most of them posted in the Pianist Corner seems to be the best place to catch the eye of those interested in certain composers and/or their individual works.

I don't see why composer- or composition-specific posts shouldn't continue to be posted either in the Pianist Corner, or the Adult Beginner's forum.

Posted By: signa

Re: To Frank...of Piano World - 05/14/07 12:40 AM

it doesn't make sense to have a separate forum for a particular composer. if such a forum would exist, then we should have a thousand forums, each of which is for one of 1000 composers.

if Chopin forum should exist, then so should a Beethoven forum, a Bach forum and a Rach forum and so on. see what's the problem we're getting into?

i'm against the idea!
Posted By: playadom

Re: To Frank...of Piano World - 05/15/07 01:38 AM

I am against the idea of a Chopin forum, because it is unfair for other composers.

How about creating a new 'Composing' forum, transferring the composer's lounge to that, and make that about anything composer-related?
Posted By: LiszThalberg

Re: To Frank...of Piano World - 05/15/07 02:01 AM

I agree with Dakota (playadom). This general composer forum could discuss form, technique, style, and genre of each composer in as many topics as they want.

Posted By: kathyk

Re: To Frank...of Piano World - 05/15/07 02:17 AM

I personally like the idea. I think the sheer size of the Chopin thread is reason in itself to set up a forum dedicated to him. After all, Chopin is really the standard setter for the all-piano dedicated composer. And, maybe the new thread would serve as inspiration for an equally long thread about some other composer which would merit another new forum. But, the standard could be that the thread must first generate 3 zillion posts before the new forum would open. How's that for motivational?

I'd love to see a Chopin forum. thumb
Posted By: MooGoo

Re: To Frank...of Piano World - 05/15/07 02:57 PM

Why not have period forums. Such as, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and what not. I'm sure 95% of the Romantic forum will be all about Chopin, and another 4% about Liszt perhaps.

Or...why not just delete all the other forums and replace them with one Bach forum, and live happily ever after.
Posted By: DragonPianoPlayer

Re: To Frank...of Piano World - 05/20/07 02:17 AM

I think a favorite composers forum makes sense; however, I would like to suggest the following idea for orginazation. You may want to see how the ABF forum has the Important Topics on the Adult Beginner Forum set up to understand my suggestion:

Say we have a forum with sticky topics at the top - locked and managed by only the moderators - for each period or style, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern, Jazz, etc.

These stickies contain only links to Index Topice for each composer. So under Romantic, we would have a link to the Chopin master table.

To add a composer to the threads, someone would need to volunteer to manage the master table. That person would be responsible for maintaining the index to links about that composer. For example, Kathleen might take care of the Chopin thread.

All other threads on the forum would work normally.

Ideally, only the moderators and the people assigned to each composer would have the ability to modify that composers thread.

This may be too much work for the moderators and "composer specialists" (or what ever we want to refer to them as), but it seems like the only fair way to implement this without making something too difficult to manage for Frank.

A big advantage is that this might be a good way to move the "What is your favorite recording?" off the other forums as well as the history and discussion that is going on about Chopin.
Posted By: Betty Patnude

Re: To Frank...of Piano World - 07/01/07 06:51 PM

I'd be interested in accessing classical composers, their music, and music history as a separate SIG whether for the teacher, performer, or student forum member.

The Chopin thread certainly is a SIG that is working for those who love it.
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