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Become A Forums Subscribing Member !

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Become A Forums Subscribing Member ! - 11/11/04 11:49 AM

Become a Subscribing Member of the Piano Forums!

We Need Your Help

Here's Your Chance To Do Your Part to Help Keep the Forums Going

Our Piano Forums are free to anyone.

We believe that freely available information is the essential core of online communities.

However, if you find our forums useful, educational, or just plan fun, we encourage you to participate in our NYOS program (Name Your Own Subscription).
The cost of supporting and maintaining the forums keeps going up, we could use your help.

It is getting increasingly expensive to support the forums (we use a lot of bandwidth). In fact, we have moved to our own dedicated server which means it is costing us about $6000.00 a year just in hosting fees alone!

You can subscribe (or RENEW) through our online store here:
>Subscribe Here< .
(You will have the option of paying by credit card, PayPal, or sending a check.)

Please use the store regardless of which payment method (unless you've opted for a Monthly subscription), as it helps us track subscriptions.

One Year Subscription Levels:
  • Bronze: $5.00 to $20.00 [Linked Image]
  • Silver: $25.00 to $45.00 [Linked Image]
  • Gold: $50.00 to $95.00 [Linked Image]
  • Platinum: $100. and up [Linked Image]

Subscribers will have a special custom Title/Graphic (like the samples above) displayed under their name in the forums.
[It may take us a few days to activate your custom title.] You will be given the option of not having the icon displayed if you prefer.

However, we would really appreciate it if you would allow us to display the icon. It not only shows you care enough to help support the forums, it also encourages other members to get on board.

Remember to give us your Forums Name and Forums Number in the appropriate boxes!

>Subscribe Here<

Prefer a Monthly Subscription?
Just click the Monthly Subscriptions link below to set up a monthly subscription (uses PayPal).
If you don't currently have a PayPal account, you will be given the opportunity to set one up. It only takes a minute and it's very secure.

The same charges will be billed to you each month until/unless you cancel. Your subscription level will be based on the yearly total of your monthly subscription (and will be adjusted if you cancel or change your subscription).

Monthly Forums Subscriptions - Click Here

Subscribers will also get access to a special "Subscribers Only" forum.
The special forum may contain advance news, special discounts in our online store, etc.
And of course, subscribers will have the satisfaction of knowing they have done their part to help keep the forums going and growing.

Not interested in subscribing, but still might consider other ways to support the forums?
Please see our Support The Forums page for additional options.

Remember, you are free to use the forums without becoming a subscriber, please do not feel obligated.
But if you would like to do your part to help, we would be very grateful.

If you already "subscribed/contributed" your subscriber icon should appear within a few days.
If it doesn't, I may not be able to figure out your forums name/number, particularly if you used paypal before I set up the store to handle subscriptions. Just shoot me a quick email webmaster@pianoworld.com (or PM) .

Warm Regards,

- Frank B.
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Re: Become A Forums Subscribing Member ! - 12/21/04 03:12 PM

Just a quick note.

Some members mentioned they would like to help support the forums, but would prefer to make small monthly payments rather than a yearly lump sum.

Monthly subsciptions are now available, please see "Monthly Forums Subscriptions" in the post above.

Many thanks to those who have already stepped up to help keep the forums going, and to anyone who is considering joining in.


- Frank B.
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